Summary / TL;DR
I've been gardening since I was knee high to a grasshopper. Nature and flowers have always made me happy but it had never occurred to me that this would be my path until that one fateful day, just like a movie...


Photo of Amanda B., Owner of Amanda Bee Floral Designs. Woman wearing a brown hat and holding a bouquet of flowers.

Flowers have always made me happy. When I was a young girl, my dad and I did all of the landscaping for my childhood home. When he would go the nursery to pick out flowers, I always loved to tag along. I can remember spending hours with him outside, shoveling mulch and designing the beds. We did it all, and we did it together.

Fast forward to college, feeling lost, questioning my major, and half way through my degree, when I overheard a conversation that changed my life.

A calculus classmate was expressing excitement and anticipation about designing the flowers for their best friend's wedding.

For a very surreal moment I experienced more than the ah ha! moment. Like a home movie style flashback in my mind, I briefly relived the wonderful memories of my dad and I. Then, in a true Elle Woods fashion, I stood up (well, in my head I did) and said, “I am going to be a floral designer!” And just like Elle, I found my career — my passion.

Actually Becoming a Florist

some of the steps ??

Opening a Storefront, During COVID

Consider this the cinematic sequel to my albeit

Floral designers have unique paths to the profession.

Opening a Storefront During COVID

This was a big, huge secret. I had been planning for years, saving, learning, scheming... following the path that I carved out. --- And just like my loud and clear, cinematic ah ha moment, COVID struck. I opened a storefront in Cypress, Texas and the journey continues.