Three different bath bombs, one green and white, one pale green and one soft yellow and white

Benjamin Soap Co Bath Bombs

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Handcrafted Bath Bombs - Made in Austin

Tip: Grab an extra to treat yourself!

Why? Because you'll never want to leave the tub after a warm bath with a Benjamin Soap Co bath bomb!

  • 4.5 oz
  • Made in USA
  • Small Batch

Ingredients & Packaging

Made using an exclusive formula developed and perfected in house using cruelty free and ethically harvested ingredients.

baking soda, citric acid, epsom salts, shea butter, sunflower oil, essential oils and natural micas, clays and/or vegetable powder.
* Some items contain biodegradable glitter or dried flowers.


Packaged in biodegradable, compostable bio film shrink wrap for freshness and protection.

About the Maker, Benjamin Soap Co

This small family business and homegrown brand is coming up on 10 years and we adore them! Their products are consistent and high quality, with careful attention to ingredients and the work ethic of their vendors.