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10 Unique Experiences in NYC

10 Unique Experiences in NYC

I am shifting a little from the flowers to tell you about one of my favorite places… New York City. Yes, it can be dirty. It can be stinky. What makes up for it is the culture, the night life, the people. I love how you can go onto one corner and experience one part of the world, then turn a corner and experience something completely different.

Really, the reason why I love NYC is because its a mega-version of Houston. Houston is a melting pot of culture, and the diversity is unreal. So, without adieu, here are some things Andrew and I really enjoyed about New York City…

  1. The Street Art. We found this right by the 9/11 Memorial. It is abundant and it is beautiful! These artists put their soul into these pieces.

2. Chelsea Market. It has a really fun assortment of shops, but it can be REALLY congested with people. I would recommend not going between 12pm-1pm unless if you enjoy being stuffed like a sausage with a million other people.

3. The 9/11 Memorial. This might not be the most unique experience, but it is certainly the most moving. The magnitude of this memorial and the impact of this tragedy is overwhelming to say the least.

4. Chinatown. If you are traveling on a budget to NYC, Chinatown is the place to go for a great meal that is dirt cheap. Go look for soup dumplings and shanghai noodles. You won’t be sorry!

5. The Shuffleboard Bar. Technically, its not in NYC, its in Brooklyn. So you do have to take a cab or the subway. We are cheap, we took the subway everywhere. It definitely made for some unique stories. This bar though will knock your old-lady socks off. Play shuffleboard, drink, enjoy a great time with friends!

6. The Guuuuugh. I am a huge art fan, so going to the Guggenheim was a must for me. Crap, the building itself is art. We were lucky when we went that they had the Giacometti exhibit there. If you saw this and thought, “Eh, I don’t like art.” Go anyway. My husband who hates art even appreciated the experience.

7. Trinity Church Cemetery. The resting place of Alexander Hamilton. There are quite a few interesting people buried here, but Andrew and I didn’t get to see them because they close the cemetery a little early in the afternoon. You can also get a tour of the church, but get it scheduled beforehand.

8. The Vessel. Our trip really had a few disappointments, one of which was we didn’t get to climb The Vessel. They were filming a show, so they closed it for the day. It still is amazing just to watch. If you want a really nice afternoon, get on the high line from Chelsea, then walk to the end and you will end up in Hudson Yards right by The Vessel.

9. The High Line. An old railway turned into a beautiful park/walkway. There are benches to eat lunch at, and lots of murals on the sides of the buildings to look at along the way. DO NOT TAKE YOUR BIKE! There are park officials making sure no one is on anything with wheels.

10. Lauderee. This was the one thing I was most looking forward to, and I was NOT disappointed here. We went to NYC towards the end of April, and we were so lucky to get to go during cherry blossom season. We got there as soon as they opened at 9am, and there was maybe 2 other people there. It was so peaceful, and serene. With all the birds, the trees and amazing food it really is like a mini oasis in NYC.

And here are some other moments from the trip… Enjoy!

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