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Bringing joy through bespoke, luxurious, and colorful florals.

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How it Began

At Amanda Bee’s Floral Design, we understand flowers. From the science of their existence to the history or floral design to art principles and a whole lot of in betweens, we take all of this into consideration every day as we choose our flowers, tend to them, design them, and send them on their way to brighten someone’s day. A home is always cozier when there are fresh flowers breathing life into a space.

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Flowers have this incredible ability to impact a person’s day and ultimately their headspace. Being on the receiving end of flowers always comes with a warm fuzzy feeling. It’s a physical representation of another person saying, “I’m thinking about you, and I care.” That feels amazing, and we love being the floral design studio you choose to help create those small moments that create a positive impact in someone’s life. Even the act of giving flowers to yourself is an act of self-love, and we are here for it!

Amanda Bee’s Floral Design was founded in 2015 off a dream and a lot of hard work. Amanda Bowman, owner and designer, found inspiration from her last name but also nature. In college, she majored in horticulture with a focus in floral design and minored in entomology—or the study of bugs. Flowers don’t exist without bees, and bees can’t exist without flowers. We’re just incredibly passionate about all things flowers and art! So we bring that to every arrangement and event we design.

You will only find the highest quality, freshest available, boutique florals and botanicals at Amanda Bee’s. We design everything in house as ethically and sustainably as we can because we care about the planet—integral to growing each of the beautiful flowers we have dedicated our careers to appreciating. Every arrangement is created with care and a precise eye to order, which means each arrangement is bespoke just for you.

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Read Amanda's story

Howdy, y’all! I’m Amanda. Yes, I am a native Texan, and I have loved flowers for just as long. I was not the little girl with dreams of floral design or owning a flower shop, but sometimes, the best things, we don’t see coming.

As a kid, my dad and I would landscape my childhood yard, and I loved tagging along any time he would go to the nursery to pick out flowers. I remember spending hours shoveling mulch and designing the beds. We did it all, and we did it together.

Floral designers all have a unique path into the industry. Halfway through my degree at A&M, I realized it was not for me, and I felt so incredibly lost. While sitting in a business calculus class, I heard a girl talking about her horticulture major and designing her friend’s wedding flowers. In home movie style flashback, all the wonderful memories with my dad came rushing back, and then I had a true Elle Woods moment: “I am going to be a floral designer!” Though I did not stand up and say it out loud, my passion, career, and future were suddenly right in front of me.

My love of flowers and gardening grew organically, which is exactly how my creative process works. I’m inspired by nature. It’s already perfection. I cannot improve upon what grows out of the earth. I can take the concept of a garden; use my expertise to artfully design an arrangement, bouquet, installation to mimic nature; and let you enjoy it in your home, office, space, or event.

Every day, I go to work, surrounding myself with amazing people, beautiful botanicals, and a new task. I get to make living art for people to commemorate special memories and emotions. Being a small part of that with each and every client feeds my soul because I am a people person. I love my customers.

I have the greatest job in the world.

Outside of the flower shop, I’m a social butterfly. I love trying new restaurants, grabbing a coffee, exploring new places. My high school sweetheart and I celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary in 2023, and I can often be found changing up our garden beds or redecorating the house. I’m the proud cat mom of two, Lucy and Pippin. They’re both rescues. I actually found Pippin right outside the shops front door hiding behind a planter in summer of 2022!

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My path into floral design is about as unique as it comes.

An Iowa native, I came to Houston by way of Chicago by way of Cornell College, where I graduated with degrees in Literature, French, and Russian with an emphasis in Literary Translation and Analysis. I entered the corporate marketing world, but left shortly after, deciding to pursue freelance writing with a specialty in Social Justice with a focus in gender and racial equity.

In 2016, I moved to Houston. With a lot of free time and no friends to fill it, I started my blog …on the B.L.. In 2018, Amanda reached out to me for a collaboration to get the word out about her gorgeous poseys. I was excited because flowers. She walked into my living room with her dog, handed me flowers, met my dog, and declared, “We’re going to be friends.” From that moment on, we’ve been joined at the hip. We decided to elevate our friendship even further in 2020, when she started teaching me design. Our brick and mortar opened in 2021, and I became a bigger part of the design team. Amanda and I have vastly different talents and passions. I love designing, but I’m a left-brained writer at heart. In 2023, she asked me to take on the role of COO, which is a very fancy title for, I’m super organized and love doing the behind the scenes part of running a business, which does not bring Amanda joy. So she’s the art, and I’m the day-to-day odds and ends. I absolutely love working with my best friend. Creating floral art and connecting with our clients has been such an unexpected turn of events in my career. Though, I am still a full-time freelance writer, I now get to exercise the right side of my brain more.

When I’m not elbow deep in flowers or typing away at the computer, I love playing and cuddling with my six dogs. Yes six. All rescues. I’m an avid reader, seeker of knowledge, cook/foodie, photographer, and outdoorsy human. If I could take all my dogs and perpetually travel the world, I’d be gone tomorrow. But I am not that good of a writer—maybe one day. You can usually find me with a cup of tea or coffee in hand surrounded by my friends.


A Brief History of Amanda Bee’s

Amanda was our florist for our wedding back in April 2023 and she went above and beyond. Florals were the thing I was most looking forward to for my wedding and she made all my dreams come true. Due to a family member about to pass, my husband and I had a small ceremony with immediate family in a hospital room. Amanda was so kind to make last minute mini versions of our bouquet and boutonniere for our little ceremony.
Throughout planning our big wedding I loved that Amanda met with me and my planner over zoom to discuss ideas and what was important to my husband and I. She then sent a slideshow so I could visually see what some of our discussion looked like.
Our wedding florals were breathtaking and that is the thing people remember from our wedding day. I loved the florals so much I got them pressed after the wedding! Hire Amanda, you won't regret it!

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