A Desert Nouveau Shoot

A Desert Nouveau Shoot

Photo Credit: Brass and Veil Photography

Sometimes we have to create things for ourselves!

Inspiration comes from anywhere! And the inspiration for this shoot came from these dried palm leaves. The rest is history! Using some fun textures like Eryngium, Ranunculus and PeeWee Hydrangea, this color scheme really blended together so much better than I expected. To finish off the look, I utilized this clay pot I found in Austin. And the best part? No foam! The mechanics were actually fairly simple. I placed a white bucket inside the pot and filled the bucket with chicken wire.

One big part of the design that was tricky was the depth. I normally make big pieces by starting with a certain flower, (or greenery) but I already have the shape in mind. For this piece, I actually started in the back and worked my way forward. I think that gave for a more a unique design experience this time! I really do not like making big pieces that much, but this was too fun!

Can you tell I like flower crowns?

After being in the floral design world about 5″ish” years now, its been so fun to see how my flower crowns have evolved! I love creating flower crowns with LOTS of texture and color. How perfectly does all of this go together?! Little Charleigh was the perfect model for this shoot! What do you think?


This desert themed shoot came together just in a few days thanks to Superb Studios for always being amazing and willing to work with me! And to Rachel with Brass and Veil Photography for always indulging in my crazy ideas! Your work is better than chocolate cake.

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