Bento + Blooms Workshop

Bento + Blooms Workshop

Hey y’all and happy Tuesday! 

This Friday, I’m going to have a Bento + Blooms workshop at 7:00 pm in our shop. Believe me, you don’t want to miss this. Mostly because I don’t want to miss this. Hello Kitty is even making an appearance! 

You may or may have not seen me posting about it on Facebook and Instagram. I’m so excited about it. I took Japanese in college, and I really love anime. I even have a TikTok dedicated to recreating dishes from Food Wars! [Feel free to follow along @helloamandabee Weebs Welcome.] There are so many amazing things about Japanese culture, but next Friday night we’re going to be enjoying Bento while learning how to make an Ikebana arrangement. 

If you don’t already know what these things are, let me tell you:

Bento They started in Japan, but they have been embraced and can be found in many Asian countries. It’s kind of a one stop box of food either for take out or made at home. Several different foods are housed in one box with a section for each food, ranging from humble and yummy to extravagant and flavor oriented. Some bentos are so over the top that they’re too incredibly adorable to eat… Kidding, there’s no such thing, but there is adorable enough to pause and enjoy it, take a picture, and then dig in.

Ikebana Sometimes known as kadō, it is the art of flower arranging. Dating back more than 1,000 years, Japan recognizes Ikebana as one of the three classical arts of refinement—the others being the tea ceremony and the appreciation of incense. Ikebana arrangements are unique and simple, but masters spend a lifetime in search of an illusive perfecting of the art.  

I have been wanting to host a workshop like this for a while. Now that I have a shop where I can hold them, I’m going to be hosting workshops on a more regular basis. Whether you’re a flower fan, a weeb, or a bento connoisseur, it’s going to be an evening of fun.

Here’s what you need to know!

  • Our bento boxes are going to be made with or without sushi.
  • Bring Your Own Booze
  • Bentos, Snacks, and Water will be provided.
  • It would be impossible to not showcase some of my favorite anime. 
  • I went all in on this theme, so you’ll find some cute decorations.
  • Tickets are $125 with sushi  and $115 without sushi buy through this link!

Remember. Friday, June 18th, 2021 at 7:00 pm, here in the shop, which is located at 7627 Fry Road #400, Cypress, Texas 77433. Flowers are always a good idea but so is anime. Y’all should definitely come!

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