Creating Custom Arrangements Doesn't Have to Break the Bank

Creating Custom Arrangements Doesn't Have to Break the Bank

Hey y’all and happy Friday!

If you haven’t noticed, I love color. Especially pink. You can tell by the shop: an explosion of pink and purple. So I jumped at the chance to create three VERY pink arrangements for a little girl’s birthday party last week. I wanted to talk about custom arrangements because they are so much fun—both to create and look at—and remind you: you don’t have to have a custom arrangement for a special event or even have more than one made. Custom arrangements can be made for any reason at all. “Because I felt like it” is a good enough reason. As a floral designer, I love, love, love getting creative and bringing something unique and different to life. Whether it’s all pink, Avengers themed, or whatever, let’s do this!

I’m not your everyday florist, so I don’t create your everyday arrangements. I’m really not just a florist, I’m a floral designer, which is an art. So creating unique pieces is what I live for. It’s why I became a florist, to spread joy through flowers. If you’ve got an idea you want to bring to life, here’s what you should know: 

  • Two Weeks Notice is best. If your vision is flexible, one week is doable. With custom arrangements, a lot of times, I will have to special order specific flowers through my wholesaler, which takes a little time. Without notice, I’m at the mercy of what is in their warehouse and what is locally in season.
  • Things To Know before we talk. Having a direction is important, but there are a few more steps to help me create the perfect piece. 
        • What your vision is. You can have inspiration pictures of flowers, characters, places, whatever inspires you. We’ll work together to focus the arrangement so it encompasses the essence of your inspiration.
        • Where is it going? Arrangements are designed differently depending on where they’re going. If it’s on a dining room table, I will design it so you can see people over it and make it look pretty from all sides. If it’s going in a nook, I can make it taller and focus the design so it faces out. So let me know where it’s going!
        • How big are you wanting it? Knowing the measurements you’re wanting is important. Having something too small is just as bad as having something too big. Take a quick measurement!
        • Do you have specific colors or textures you’re wanting? This is important to know so I can order the flowers or items we need. 
        • What’s your budget? We can make custom arrangements to fit most budgets. You don’t have to be a Rockefeller to have something custom.
  • What Not To Do Please do not bring a picture in and say, “This is what I want exactly.” It’s not going to happen. Everything I do is original. I don’t copy another artist’s work, but I can use it as an inspiration piece.

    This pink arrangement was so much fun to create. It includes peonies, a pink pineapple, tulips, carnations, iridescent paper, and so much more. If it’s pink, we put it in there. It’s hard to look at it and not be happy.

    This Avengers inspired arrangement focuses on the Infinity Gauntlet and embraces the infinity stones through flowers mimicking their colors and an image of the gauntlet itself.

    A heart made out of baby’s breath is very simple but a cute way to show someone you love them, whether it’s for an anniversary, engagement, or just because. 

    Custom arrangements sound luxurious, but they don’t have to be huge and over the top. Small, big, medium, whatever size you’re feeling Ican do it. I am happy to work with you to create your unique vision without taking all of your money and your second born son. Stop in or give us a call, and we can start creating something spectacular just for you.

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