Flowers In Our Cooler- April 6

Flowers In Our Cooler- April 6


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Happy Wednesday, y’all!

If you haven't noticed, we love flowers. It’s not really a secret; I put it in the name! And I made it my career.... As a florist. 

Anyways, every Monday morning, I head to my favorite local floral wholesaler and pick out a bunch of pretty flowers that make my heart sing, are in season, and will look beautiful in your home, on your desk, or somewhere a loved one puts them. These are the flowers that live in the shop and go out in bouquets, poseys, and arrangements. They add some color and bring inspiration. 

I’m going to try and keep you updated every week on Monday—or Tuesday—about what’s in the cooler and waiting to decorate your home! The operative word is try; I will not make any promises!

This week is all about color, but purples and pinks were really speaking to me! Have you seen my shop? It only makes sense. 

In The Cooler:

  • Juliet Garden Roses (A Peachy-Pink Color)

  • Yellow Carnations

  • Phlox (In A Variety Of Colors)

  • Butterfly Ranunculus

  • Delphinium 

  • Iris

  • Chrysanthemums (In A Variety Of Colors)

Stop in, say ‘howdy’, and grab yourself an arrangement. If you can’t, that’s okay too; you can always order a posey in one of our three fun sizes! We love showing you what we have, and we love sending flowers your way even more.


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