In the Cooler, April 12-17

In the Cooler, April 12-17


Hi, y’all! 

Spring has sprung, and the flowers are really starting to come out. If you’re in Texas, you know Bluebonnet season is upon us. It can be hard to track them down or make the time to track them down. But if you’re still wanting some flowers to fill your home or office or send to a friend, we’ve got you covered. No sitting in the car required—unless you want to pop in the shop! 

This week our cooler is feeling pretty in pink and a bunch of other colors too. We never shy away from color, so here’s what we’ve got in the store and will be appearing in this week’s poseys. Don’t hesitate to order! We’ve been selling out the past several weeks!


Garden Spirit Roses

Japan Lavender Sweet Pea

Leather greens

Variegated Pittosporum 

Yellow Carnations

 Pompon Button Chrysanthemum

 Fuji Chrysanthemum

Butterfly Orange Ranunculus

Chamomile Flower

Pink Eriostemon

Pink Larkspur

Yellow Statice

Lavender Lilac

We can’t wait to see y’all. Whether it’s a delivery or a visit to the shop, we’re always excited to share our love of flowers with everyone because flowers are always a good idea.


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