Introducing Lucy, The Shop Kitty

Introducing Lucy, The Shop Kitty

We’re interrupting our normally scheduled flower posts with a very important introduction. Don’t fret. The flower posts will be back shortly. 

World meet Lucy! The Shop Kitty, and yes that is her title; although, she will answer to Empress of the Known and Unknown Universe. 

Lucy doesn’t live at the shop full-time, but she does grace our presence as often as she feels like it, which is not as often as we’d like, but we’ll take what we can get. She walks around like she owns the place, and, who are we kidding, she does! We’re just living in Lucy’s world and happy about it. She will remind anyone and everyone of that factoid from her pink velvet throne. She has definitely taken over the Instagram nook. We’re not sure if it’s the comfy couch or the big windows for prime people watching or if she’s picked the most photogenic spot because the camera loves her. Look at those peepers! 

A pretty grey kitty with bright green eyes.

Lucy was a rescue kitty that came into our lives in May 2019. What was supposed to be a foster situation turned into a permanent situation, and she’s been living in the lap of luxury ever since. She even has her very own room filled with toys, comfy furniture, and windows for bird watching. She loves treats and naps. She hates dogs (especially Beau, her boxer-mix cousin who shows up and wants to play and doesn’t understand cat cues) and being annoyed or inconvenienced. She likes to pet but only on her terms and for an undetermined amount of time. Being held could go one of several ways. Lap sitting is generally acceptable, but not always. Cuddles are grand when she feels like it. 

The shop wouldn’t be the same without our resident Server of Sass. Lucy is a beloved fixture at Amanda Bee’s store and home. Stop in and say ‘hi!’

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