Tips on Holiday Decorating and Implementing Fresh Botanicals!

Tips on Holiday Decorating and Implementing Fresh Botanicals!

Its the most wonderful time of the year…until you are sifting through all of the decoration boxes and having to decide out of the 72 boxes what stuff to set out this year!

This workshop we hosted at Superb studios was to showcase how you can create a beautiful effect with decorations without having to spend a fortune. The whole concept was derived around when my husband and I got married and I got to start from scratch on our decor. The problem was, we were in a tiny apartment and I needed to be able to transition the majority of our stuff from everyday to Christmas. How we did this? I found the biggest tip was to buyneutrally colored items that can transition from your holiday to everyday decor. This also eliminates space being used up by a bunch of stuff you only see once a year. My husband and I now only have 3 big tubs for Christmas decor (my parents have an entire shed dedicated to it!)


You might be thinking, “there is no way I can do this with my kids, animals and lack of time.” My husband and I do not have children, but that does not mean this is unattainable. Get the kids involved with your decorating! Have them help you make the ornaments for the tree by using clear baubles and glitter to make their own snow globes! Nothing by all means needs to look perfect, or “Pinterest perfect” make it yours and make it to where you and your family are happy with it! The whole concept here is to have less “circulating” stuff and invest in the items you can keep all year around. The other concept here is my favorite… supplementing with fresh botanicals in your holiday decor!

One of the great things about the holidays is the fresh Christmas greens! These arrangements we made were so simple and the best part is everything was either dried or long-lasting! And the Christmas tree was adorned with Lunaria (Also dried) and potted Phaleonopsis Orchids (fingers crossed I keep them alive) so I can use them in my tree over and over again!

I have attached our workbook that everyone got to take home from the workshop that will help guide you into creating the best plan of attack for your holiday decor! Let us know in the comments what you thought about these tips! Photography by Brass and Veil Creative, Decor by Rustic Chic Events, Location at Superb Studio

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