Tips to spice up your Christmas decor

Tips to spice up your Christmas decor

All Photos Courtesy of Stacy Anderson Photography

We just finished our 2nd Annual Christmas Decorating Workshop and I was SO happy with how it all turned out! Everyone had a great time, and we got some amazing photos back from Stacy Anderson with (Check out her blog!) But anyways, I wanted to come back and share some of the things we taught (and learned!) from the workshop!

  1. Create a neutral base for all of your holiday decorating

One of the biggest issues I see with people’s holiday decorations is they decide on a bold color scheme in 2010 of teal and silver, and by 2014 the trend is gone and now we are left with a collage of holiday decor themes. And I totally get when kids are in the picture, that is bound to happen. My suggestion is though, start simple. Go with a neutral tree skirt, or Christmas dishes that will last you longer than the teal + silver theme will! Then you can add your colorful accessories that cost you a lot less every year! That way you still feel like you are getting the variety throughout the years!

2. Find something interactive to do with your kids to get them decorating with you!

Nobody wants to do the decorating by themselves, but its hard to get those kiddos’ attention! A couple of different activities we did at our workshop could be a great project to do with them, (of course depends on how old!) Look at a couple of these!

3. Add fresh botanicals to your holiday decor!

No one is saying you have to go out and spend $$$ every year on things that are perishable, but even just adding one fresh centerpiece or element to your decorating makes a HUGE difference! This year, we added Airplants (aka Tillandsias) to our tree! They turned out great and what a fun statement! The best part? Give them water about twice a month and they will last you a lifetime!

4. Come up with something unique for your Christmas centerpieces!

I am all for finding a unique idea for your holiday tables. For this year, I taught everyone how to create cloche centerpieces. I love this idea because it is a cute way to feature some precious items for the holidays. If you have antique ornaments you don’t want to risk putting on the tree, add them into a cloche with greens and flowers–voila! A one of a kind table centerpiece– that is AFFORDABLE! Take a look!

5. Focus your efforts to just one room for your decor

While I enjoy a house that screams CHRISTMAS… not all of us are wanting to spend thousands of dollars to make it look that way. So I like to say invest in one room that you spend the most time in. For me, that has been our living room. Our tree is there, mantle and its across from our kitchen so I can enjoy the view when I am cooking. This way, you can still feel the Christmas spirit in your home, but you don’t have to feel like you have to get a personal loan to make your house look like it belongs on Pinterest. For me this year, I decided to put my efforts into some new decor for our tree. Tell me your thoughts in the comments! Would love to hear your feedback! Merry Christmas to all! -Amanda Bee

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