We're Open! Its Official! I Have A Store!

We're Open! Its Official! I Have A Store!

We’re Open!

If you haven’t heard, Amanda Bee’s Floral Design is now a brick and mortar store front in Cypress, Texas. You have no idea how excited I am for you all to see it. This has been in my heart for several years, and I’ve been actively working to make it a reality over the last year. There were absolutely some trials and tribulations, but we are finally here with an open door. Literally, right now the door is open letting the Texas spring air in. 

In October 2017, I was lucky enough to travel and work in Australia with The Posy Post as a way to extend my expertise and get a taste of how it’s done on the other side of the world. The experience was a life changing one. She had created a unique retail concept I had never seen before. It was a combination of pos[e]y deliveries and a streamlined system of crafting affordably priced bouquets for clients without compromising quality, artistry, or fun. I didn’t want to replicate the concept, but it sparked my own creativity and got me thinking about what I could establish at home in Houston. 

One of the revolutionary things I saw that worked incredibly well for The Posy Post was the fact: THERE WAS NO DELIVERY CHARGE. I had never heard of that. There’s always a delivery charge. Could it work in Houston? I didn’t know at the time, but I do now. We’ll get to that in a moment. 

I’ve been working in Houston’s floral industry since before I graduated from A&M in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Horticulture with an emphasis in Event Planning and a minor in Entomology. So the company name, Amanda Bee’s, is a play off my bug love and my last name, Bowman. I kept honing my skills as a florist and learning from industry masters by freelancing for florists all around Houston and Texas. 

I dove into Amanda Bee’s Floral Design full time in May of 2018. I took everything I learned in school, as a freelancer, and in Australia to come up with my own concept. I took on events, but one of my greatest joys was the weekly posey deliveries. I found the areas of Houston I delivered to WITHOUT a delivery charge. I still find this very exciting because delivery fees are industry standard and a reason so many people don’t order flowers. Offering three sizes, I made boutique quality florals accessible and fun for everyone. I combined my years of hard work and education about botanicals, florals, and design into a sustainable business on a scale I could handle starting out. I also connected with people who wanted to support a small, local business offering unique and fun flower arrangements. Even with the opening of the shop, the posey deliveries are still going strong. Although, you should definitely stop in, see the cuteness I created, and grab a custom arrangement while you’re at it. *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*

As happy as I was working out of my home studio, a vision of a store had been percolating away in my brain since I left Australia. The store had always been a someday thing. As quarantine set in and my calendar was freeing up, I started devoting some of those energies to bringing that vision to life. Wow, has it been a year for many, many reasons. Getting a store off the ground is a lot of work, but here we are!

I found my space in Cypress. Why Cypress instead of Houston? The thing is, Houston is a saturated market. There are lots of amazing flower shops. Cypress is close enough to the buzz, but far enough away that they do not have the floral presence they deserve! So here I am, doing my best to make sure everyone can have beautiful flowers. 

When you walk into the shop, you’ll be smacked in the face with purple and pink and flowers and color and plants. I knew I did not want to be a sleepy little shop. I wanted to be a pop. A pop of personality. A touch of fun. Something that will appeal to everyone but also the young. Hello, I have an Instagram wall. Come sit on my pink velvet couch and take a picture. Amanda Bee’s is loud and proud of it. I found inspiration in a 70’s picture of Cher and Farah Fawcett in pink and purple dresses as well as Maurice Harris of Bloom and Plume in L.A. It’s also exactly how I would decorate my house, but I have something called a husband that has repeatedly said “no,” and I don’t want to get a divorce. So all my flower power, pinks, and purples have come alive in this store I’ll be calling Home #2. 

I wanted to step outside of the industry standard. So often orders are placed online with 1-800-Flowers or the like or a bunch of whatever is picked up at the grocery store real quick. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s not me. Amanda Bee’s has never been your grandma’s bouquet. I want to bring some pizzazz for flowers to younger generations because flowers are for everyone. Flowers are always a good idea. Arrangements are fun, organic, colorful, and accessible. They’re personal, one-of-a-kind, custom creations made on the spot in the store with high quality florals and botanicals.

The store isn’t just flowers, though. It’s a little bit of everything. As I focused on bringing everything to life, I knew I wanted to support and involve local artisans. I filled the shop with things that speak to me because really this is a reflection of my passion, and I want to bring people into my world just a little bit. You’ll find an Instagram Wall, artwork, jewelry, vases, candles, plants, and a whole lot more. 

Amanda Bee’s Floral Design officially opened our doors on Monday, March 22, 2021. I’m so excited to see you in person. Like I said, the door is wide open. Come on in, y’all. 

Amanda Bee’s Floral Design
7626 Fry Road Suite 400
Cypress, TX 77433

Local Artisans In The Shop
Ellion Candles
Carbon Crusader
Rosy Redhead
Lisa Chow
MarvShop Candles
Kristen Colander
Moss Amigos
Bella Hue
Thought Blossoms
Miller and Me
Mad Hatler’s
Moze Moze

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