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Why you need to add mauve to your color scheme

Ahhh.. mauve! The perfect in-between color for pink and purple. In the wedding world now, its not about a cut-and-dry color scheme you go with like navy and coral. Its all about picking two colors, then following with the shades in between. In the example above, I chose the Lilacs and the Peony, then blended the pinks and purples together from there. This gives depth and dimension to your floral designs, and prevents color-clashing. I cannot tell you how many weddings I have had to get the color “mint” or “coral” clarified because there are lots of shades of each color, it makes picking out ribbon a nightmare!

So the question is, what flowers come in mauve?

Caffe Latte:





There are more flowers that come in mauve, these are just a few of my favorites! I hope this helps inspire you to use mauve in your color schemes! It is a beautiful color, and so underrated. Let’s change that!

Photo by Just Like Honey (Nadine Berns) utilizing one of our favorite mauve roses, Koko Loko