About Amanda


Flowers have always made me happy. When I was a young girl, my dad and I did all of the landscaping for my childhood home. When he would go the nursery to pick out flowers, I always loved to tag along. I can remember spending hours with him outside, shoveling mulch and designing the beds. We did it all, and we did it together.

Fast forward to the college years—a time of self discovery.

I was halfway through my degree when I realized it was not for me! I felt so incredibly lost and had no idea where to turn, or what to do. I was sitting in my business calculus class, of all places, when I heard a girl, who was a horticulture major, talking about how excited she was to design the flowers for her friend’s wedding.

For a moment, there was a home movie style flashback in my mind, and I briefly relived the wonderful memories of my dad and I from all those years ago. Then, in a true Elle Woods fashion, I stood up (well, in my head I did) and said, “I am going to be a floral designer!” And just like Elle, I found my career—my passion.


Every floral designer has a story.

Everyone's journey into floral design is unique, and that’s what I love about it! Everyone comes from so many different walks of life and has so many different life experiences that influences their work. 

You will find that my creative process is inspired by nature. I am a country girl at heart, so everything that I do is inspired by the outdoors and the beautiful nature that is around me. To this day I do all of my own landscaping, and I always find an excuse to utilize my garden my designs! I think it adds a personal touch and a little extra "umph"! 

I have the greatest job in the world!

I get to surround myself with pretty people and beautiful botanicals every single day, and I absolutely love it! Creating special memories with each and every client is so important to me. From planning their wedding day, to weekly posey deliveries, the relationships I build along the way are everything.

If you love flowers as much as I do, and you have a need to introduce flowers into your everyday life, feel free to reach out! I'd love for us to make something beautiful together!  


Amanda Bowman

Owner | Designer | Friend