Memorable guided floral arranging in Houston.
Florals + Entertainment

Table with big baloon display and flower cart holding red, pink, and white flowers.




Our mantra is "flowers are always a good idea" and we truly do believe it. That's why we have Floratainment. Everyone loves a good time, and for those of us who feel that fresh flowers are a way of life, having the opportunity to get creative, play with botanicals or learn more about our favorite flowers, would be the ultimate way to spend our free time! 

The options really are endless! It could be a girls night out or a girls night in. We can create custom flower crowns for a baby shower or birthday party. Gather your girlfriends and learn how to create custom centerpieces by and following along, then take yours home and show off your work! Or bring us into the office for a unique and creative team building exercise.

Pop open the bubbly and gather your gals, Floraltainment is the ultimate way to get creative and have fun with flowers. Who doesn't love the sound of that?!


Pick a date, choose your party, gather your girls and leave the rest to us! WE make a pretty fair deal, if we do say so ourselves—you host, and we will come to you bringing the flowers, the guidance, and the fun! Because there are so many ways to introduce Floratainment into your social life, contact us with specifics or ideas, and we can chat to discuss the cost and supplies necessary to make your flower dreams come true!