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Daily Delivery Service

Flowers are always a good idea. Always. 


We pride ourselves on quality of our product, and our design! Every posey or arrangement that comes out our door is made with love and care. Every week we post what flowers we have available, because we want you to experience what is freshest and in season! 



Order your flowers as early as a month in advance, or until 10 am the day of. As long as we don't sell out, your delivery date is up to you!
 All residential deliveries are made on Tuesdays through Fridays 11am to 6pm. All commercial deliveries are made 11am to 5pm. 

 What if the recipient isn't home? We will always make contact with the recipient and/or the sender to ensure their flowers gets to its new home safely—whether that means leaving it on the porch in a shady area, or with a kind neighbor. Once the posey has been delivered, we will contact the sender to inform them their posey has been received!

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