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Hair Comb

Hair Comb

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Alternatives: Children's Flower Crown  & Adult Crown

Flower combs are an alternative to a full-on flower crown. Often used for a creative updo or something special for the mother of the bride. But tradition is the tip of the iceberg!

Amanda will use foliage and fresh flowers to style the perfect hair accessory, inspired by your color choice or your wedding color scheme.

All of the Amanda Bee designs, from posey bouquets to wedding displays, are exclusive, crafted using the best, fresh flowers and greenery with a preference for native and specialty flowers and foliage.



Flower Care

Keep your flowers fresh longer with these helpful tricks:

1. Change the water daily. Even flowers feel better after a nice shower, so keep the water fresh!

2. No foliage below the water line. When greens and things sit in the water, it creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and lessen your flowers' life span.

3. No direct sunlight. Though sunlight helps flowers grow, once cut, sunlight damages them. So give them a nice shady perch.

4. Speak sweetly to them. It's science! Tell your flowers just how beautiful they are so they'll stay happier longer.

Delivery Details

We deliver to a 100 mile radius from North Houston. For Events on Demand, you must order at least 7 days in advance of delivery. We try to make it as easy as possible through our online store.

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“Not only were the arrangements unique, well-priced, elegant, and beautiful, but Amanda was responsive, helpful, and her happiness shone through in her communication. Amanda thought about my niece’s age and added special touches that my niece adored.”

Jaime Aldridge